Theatre Classes

The theatre program offerings have been designed under the premise that a performer needs a well-rounded background both on and off stage. The two semester classes integrate both areas. They work to provide the full picture of theatre as a truly collaborative art form.


(Semester Course - 1/2 Credit)
  • No Prerequisites.
  • Introduction to all aspects of theatre.
  • Covers both the performance and the technical aspects of theatre (scenery, lighting, costume, sound).
  • Uses lectures, games, projects, movies, and hands-on activities to survey the broad field of theatre.
  • Topics to be covered include principles of theatrical design, improvisational comedy, theatrical professions, musical theatre, dramatic literature, acting games, and more.


(Semester Course - 1/2 Credit)
  • Prerequisite: Theatre I or Permission of Instructor.
  • Continuation of Introduction to Theatre.
  • Focuses on some of the finer aspects of performing.
  • Utilizes lectures, games, projects, movies and hands on activities.
  • Special projects in the student’s area of interest (performance based) will be undertaken, and a more thorough understanding of the theatrical process will be obtained.
  • Monologue and Scene work will be a part of this class


(Semester Course -1/2 Credit) )
  • Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor.
  • This ensemble class focuses on mastering the fundamentals of acting through constant, individual and collaborative performances.
  • Monologue and scene work will be drawn from both contemporary and classical sources.
  • Opportunities to begin to learn the craft of directing through scene work.
  • Advanced Acting and Directing may be repeated for credit.

*Notes about Advanced Acting and Directing

Following are requirements students need to fulfill in order to receive credit for this class:

  • Read two plays per quarter from a provided list and fill out the required play reports.
  • Attend two approved performances per quarter.
  • Once must be a theatrical production at an approved theatre and the other may be from an allied art (dance, music, performance art).
  • Audition for every IHHS main-stage show, accepting any role cast in.
  • Maintain an acting journal as directed by the instructor.